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Uncle Al & Captain Wendy
Wendy & Uncle Al – and some clown (?)

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a young child in Cincinnati, Ohio.¬† My first works of art were cartoon depictions of Captain Wendy and Uncle Al – from the “Uncle Al Show”. This was a terrific children’s show in the early 1970’s. My cartoons were basically round heads with arms and legs. Uncle Al had a hat and Captain Wendy had a cape. The resemblance was uncanny.

Bill Crooks - Uncle Al
Not the original, but you get the idea.

Encouraged by my Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc., I grew up believing that I was destined for a life as a successful artist. Probably the best artist ever. Sure enough, I have become an I.T. and Manufacturing manager. No one has accused me of being the best.

Although my career aspirations were never fully (or maybe even remotely) realized, I have never given up my dream of making cartoons. Throughout my life, I have continued to create in various mediums. I dabbled in animation with Super 8, and later video. I made lousy cartoons in the 1990’s, and forced my friends to watch. I later moved on to flash animation, which I posted to sites like Newgrounds and AlbinoBlacksheep. Finally my work could be seen by a larger audience, who largely recommended that I not quit my day job.

Bill Crooks - Video Cafe Interview
Interview with Video Cafe 1999.

With the addition of a wife and 2 children, my work has continued to evolve, and I have enlisted the help of my 12 year old son Joshua Crooks as a creative consultant. He has been a true source of unabashed and honest critique.

If you’ve managed to suffer through this bio, I thank you for visiting and I truly hope you enjoy this collection of cartoons and animations- at least half as much as I enjoy creating them!


Warmest Regards,

Bill Crooks

Bill Crooks
Bill Crooks 
CEO of Crooks Cartoons